Episode 3



Journey to the rocky slopes of the French Alps, home to an open-sky laboratory created in 2010 by CHANEL. Here, researchers study local Alpine and Mediterranean plants, including Solidago—the signature ingredient in SUBLIMAGE L’ESSENCE FONDAMENTALE.


A biodiversity hub, the Southern Alps of France are rich with plants used in traditional French medicine. Among the 500 plants and 60 botanical extracts tested by CHANEL Research, Solidago (meaning “I consolidate” in Latin) was chosen for its soothing properties and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Fascinated by the benefits of this Alpine treasure, CHANEL created a patented* skincare innovation, Natural Solidago Extract**, which helps visibly tighten the look of skin.

*Patent application in Europe, United States and Japan
**Exclusive CHANEL ingredient


Natural ingredients thrive in their native environment. That’s why CHANEL has partnered with local artisan farmers for over 10 years to cultivate the normally wild Solidago plant in the region. As Armelle Defrance, CHANEL Active Ingredients Manager, explains, “CHANEL decided to grow its own plants in order to control quality all throughout the production process. Solidago grows specifically in the Alps. To flourish, it needs to be at an altitude of over 4,600 feet… The Southern Alps offer CHANEL an open-sky laboratory.”

CHANEL guarantees the traceability of its ingredients and quality of its products, while minimizing its impact on natural resources. Using sustainable and local farming methods, the open-sky laboratory continues to innovate with the cultivation of natural ingredients.

“The Southern Alps offer CHANEL an open-sky laboratory.”
-Armelle Defrance


Enriched with Natural Solidago Extract and Intense Vanilla Planifolia Water, this redefining serum creates a contoured appearance and a supple, toned, radiant complexion.

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